Day 48

This is my sixth day of hiking in the north, including a day off yesterday. I have been keeping a good pace and am definitely on track to finish the trail before my flight home to the US.
The north is obviously very different than the desert. Instead of rocks and sand, I’ve been seeing many more signs of life. There are cows everywhere, plenty of creeks to cross, and school groups all over the place blocking the trail. Other than the cows, I have been seeing fish, turtles, frogs, sheep, all sorts of birds, and several snakes as well. 

My day off yesterday was in Tiberias, which is right on the Sea of Galilee/ Kinneret. I spent the day swimming, exploring the city, and doing some phone interviews for internships. The area is also home to a bunch of holy sites in Christianity.

I have stayed with several trail angels so far, and they have all been great. One was a gymnast and personal trainer, so I got some tips on handstands. Another was the manager of the pub at a kibbutz, and I was there on his day off. He took me and a few other hikers staying there to a hot spring right next to the border with Jordan, and within a few miles of Syria as well. It was phenomenal- a sort of old stone building now full of naturally heated water. There was no roof so you could see the moon and stars, and it was overall a great experience. The trail angel I am with now is the owner of a canoe rental place on the Jordan River.

In less than two weeks I will be done with the trail and be back in the US. I have to say, despite how fun this has been, I am excited to get back to “real life.”









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