Day 34

I am now about 2/3 done with the desert. Currently, I am at a trail angel’s house in the town of Midreshet Ben Gurion, and the Danes are here as well. However, one of them is having foot problems and therefore tomorrow I will continue alone. There are six more days of hiking until Arad, which I will do in seven to allow a rest day after what is supposed to be the hardest day of the entire trail.
The last week has been a tough but beautiful one. We had some amazing views, including some of Makhtesh Ramon (makhtesh=crater). My guidebook explained the crater history to me and it is pretty cool. A hard outer layer of rock covers softer rocks, which eventually are eroded away from under the harder layer. Eventually the harder layer collapses, forming a sort of crater. Wikipedia tells me this is unique to Israel/Egypt. There are seven, five of which are in Israel, and three of which are on the trail. 

We had a day off in Mitzpe Ramon, and stayed with an angel there. We were able to get some pizza (which we were all craving), relax, and rest our legs for a day before getting back on the trail.

Enjoy the pictures. Including the one of me holding one of the trail angel’s pet cockroaches..





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