Day 0

I’m finally in Tel Aviv! I flew in from Barcelona overnight, which was pretty miserable, but I made it. I immediately went to the hostel I had booked to go to sleep, only to find out I couldn’t check in yet. I don’t blame them though, it was 6 in the morning. I passed the time hanging out with the hostel cat and the Ukrainian desk worker with a broken leg, then lounging on the “rooftop bar” of the hostel and facetiming some Dartmouth friends (it was still Thursday night for them). By the way this hostel is a strange one. It’s in a somewhat abandoned area surrounded by auto workshops and open space. More interesting is the decoration of the hostel, both inside and out. Strange and trippy art is all over the place- for those at Dartmouth, imagine a hostel decorated like the BG basement. The tent on the roof was littered with wigs, costumes, animal figurines, and two mannequins (one was missing a leg). As I said, a strange place, but that’s what happens when you sort by price on hostel world and book blindly.  However, I was very grateful when, at 9am, I was allowed to check in, and breakfast opened. After some Nutella and toast I promptly passed out for three hours.

 Once I woke up it was time to get down to business. I’m starting hiking tomorrow morning, so I had to buy supplies today. It didn’t help that Shabbat meant some stores closed very early; the camping store closed at 2:30 and I barely made it. I took a bus to the Dizengoff Center mall and got necessities like hiking poles, headlamp batteries, a knife, a couple of dishes, Israeli SIM card and plan, and food. I have everything I think I need, except stove fuel and instant coffee, so I’ll try to find those this weekend.

I couldn’t be more excited right now for what lies ahead. I’m also a bit nervous, but not really about getting lost or hurt- my biggest worry about the trip is that I will be bored out of my mind or not enjoy the trip as much as expected. 

The hostel has a Shabbat dinner soon and I’m told one of the workers is an amazing cook, so I’m excited for the food as well as a chance to meet these other hostel dwellers. That’s all for now, I will probably post again at the end of my first or second day on the trail


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